University Master's Degree in School Leadership for Educational Innovation

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Content Official Master's Degree in School Leadership for Educational Innovation

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Master description

The Master’s degree in Direction of Centres for Innovative Education is structures in 6 obligatory modules worth 10 ECTS credits each. The first five cover topics related to static components (organisational models and institutional planning) and dynamic components (directorship, leadership, management processes) of the organisation, with reference to both formal and non-formal education. The final module is the Master’s degree dissertation which should draw up and, as far as possible apply a proposal for innovation and improvement.

The modules will be carried out consecutively and not simultaneously. Each module lasts approximately four weeks and once one is completed the next follows, with the exception of the Master’s degree dissertation which commences in parallel with modules 4 and 5. The first three modules take place during the first semester and the last three during the second.

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Teaching timetable

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Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 50
Master's Degree Dissertation 10



Subject Credits Type
Change and Innovation. Links with the Surroundings. 10 OB
Educational Centres as Organisations 10 OB
Institutional Approaches 10 OB
Leadership 10 OB
Master's Degree Dissertation 10 OB
Organisational Structures and Dynamics 10 OB



OB: Compulsory

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