University Master's Degree in School Leadership for Educational Innovation

Interested in a master's degree that can help you build an ethical, responsible and innovative school and also help you advance in your professional career? Then this is your master's degree!

Content Official Master's Degree in School Leadership for Educational Innovation


  • Identify the most appropriate options for the improvement of educational organisations.
  • Define the methods and processes in the field of knowledge to provide innovative responses to the needs and demands of society.
  • Identify the elements involved in the analysis of educational organisations.
  • Recognise the main theories and trends in leadership in educational organisations.


  • Apply management strategies and instruments to solve problems in different educational contexts.
  • Communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions effectively using different strategies and resources to suit different audiences.
  • Solve complex organisational, leadership and institutional management problems from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Use tools to improve planning, management and institutional change.
  • Devise proposals for the digital change in educational organisations.
  • Identify group strategies to promote the participation of the educational community.
  • Analyse educational organisations to identify dysfunctions and possibilities for improvement.


  • Lead innovation proposals based on research results to respond to problems and challenges in the educational context.
  • Apply the set of existing rules with ethical and social responsibility, adapting to each context and situation.
  • Undertake professional development in an autonomous manner based on the challenges of the educational and social context.
  • Work in educational teams adapting to the diversity of the members.
  • Programme the management strategy to promote educational change and innovation.
  • Promote an organisational culture that contributes to achieving a more accessible, sustainable, safe, healthy and ethical society.
  • Review the inequalities that arise in educational organisations in order to plan actions that promote gender equity and equality.