University Master's Degree in Political Science

Advanced training in political analysis for future political analysts, consultants and advisors, in English and in an international and multidisciplinary environment

Content Official Master's Degree in Political Science

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Master description

The master's degree in Political Science comprises 60 ECTS credits to be taken in two terms (30+30) over one academic year. Of these 60 ECTS, 40 correspond to a compulsory module, 10 to optional modules and 10 to the Master Thesis.
During the first semester, students will enrol in three compulsory 10 ECTS credit modules ("Democracy and Citizenship", "Public Policy Analysis and Management" and "Introduction to Research").

In the second semester, students will enrol in one compulsory 10 ECTS credits module, "Research Techniques"; in the "Master Thesis" module worth 10 ECTS credits and in one of the optional 10 ECTS credits modules "Spanish and Catalan Politics" , "Socio-Political Marketing" or "Migration Policies, Integration, and Management of Religious Diversity").
The Master's Degree Committee may exceptionally permit students to enrol in the optional module of "European Integration: Theory and Political Process" during their first semester.

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Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 40
Optional 10
Master Thesis 10



Subject Credits Type
Democracy and Citizenship 10 OB
Introduction to Research 10 OB
Master's Dissertation 10 OB
Public Policy Analysis and Management 10 OB
Research Methods 10 OB
Migration Policies, Integration, and Management of Religious Diversity 10 OT*
Socio-Political Marketing 10 OT*
Spanish and Catalan Politics 10 OT*
European Integration: Theory and Political Process 10 OT**

* Optional
** Optional, to take exceptionally after authorization by the Commission of the Master


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional