University Master's Degree in Journalism and Digital Content Innovation

Develop the fundamental skills to enhance your career and specialize in digital communication

Content Official Master's Degree in Journalism and Digital Content Innovation

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The Faculty of Communication at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona offer a Master's degree in Journalism and Innovation in Digital Content. This is a course offering a high level of training to students to prepare them for a professional career in one of the emerging fields of work with information and communication within a technological environment in continuous movement and the need for new skills. The programme is aimed mainly as a professionalization course and has the following objectives:
  1. Train students to design, develop and evaluate strategic projects in innovation and research in the area of journalism and mass communication applied to different types of companies and journalistic environments.
  2. Give students tools for analysis, evaluation and action so that they can respond to the demands and challenges of the new information ecosystem based on their acquisition of knowledge, experimentation and research on the advances, technology and challenges of communicative environments.
  3. Respond to the continual demand for information linked to the process of content, to innovation in the generation of content for different platforms and the need to position an informative product in a globalised, changing, modular and multiscreen context.
  4. Integrate communication professionals in the dynamics of technological innovation which determine processes of contemporary communication and ensure the acquisition of the advanced professional tools needed to promote innovation in informative content through the application of ICT in specific tasks.

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Study plan structure


Type Credits
Compulsory 42
Master Thesis 9
External Practicum 9





Subject Credits Type
Creation and Development of Research Projects Applied to Journalism 6 OB
Digital Narratives 6 OB
Digital Strategy and Positioning of Journalistic Content 6 OB
External Work Placement 9 OB
Master's Dissertation 9 OB
Models, Structures and Regulation of Digital Media and Journalism 9 OB
Technologies and Systems of Production and Management of Digital Content 6 OB
Workshop on Journalistic Production 9 OB




OB: Compulsory