University Master's Degree in Egyptology

This is the first and only official university programme in Egyptology available in all of Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world

Content Official Master's Degree in Egyptology

Master's dissertation

The TFM is a research project, a study or a memory that implies an integrative exercise of the training obtained at the end of the Master's degree. This exercise entails that the students apply the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies acquired at the end of the master's degree to demonstrate the achievement of the global learning objectives. Therefore, the way in which these knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies are integrated has been linked to the specific objectives of training and professional exercise of the master's degree. 

The TFM must be an original piece of research work in the strict sense. Some of the ways in which the master's work can be presented can be as a scientific article, as an essay, as a classic research report or as a product proposal, among the most frequent formats. The writing of the TFM, irrespective of its purpose and form, jmust be clear, synthetic and academic.

The realization of the TFM will be individual. Exceptionally, TFMs may be carried out in a group, within the context of a Challenge-Based Learning Project, and always with the approval of the master's coordinator.

Name of the coordinator of the TFM: José Lull (

Teacher Guide Link 

You can consult TFMs of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts ​​at the Dipòsit Digital de Documents of the UAB. 

The subject and tutor assignment criteria, the course calendar, the type of follow-up of the work carried out and the evaluation will be published in the Teaching Guide for this subject according to the guidelines established in the Protocol for the TFM dissertation of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts