University Master's Degree in Egyptology

This is the first and only official university programme in Egyptology available in all of Catalonia, Spain and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world

Content Official Master's Degree in Egyptology

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Master description

"The syllabus of the master's degree in Egyptology comprises 120 ECTS credits and is taught over two academic year. This greater length means that a single programme can offer introductory content for those new to the discipline (as there are no bachelor's degree studies in Egyptology) and also specialist content in preparation for research work, and it allows for less-intensive study and learning, to help students gain ""maturity in egyptology"", especially in terms of mastering the language and learning to read and interpret texts.

The 120 ECTS credits are distributed over 10 teaching modules of 10 ECTS each, plus a module for the master's degree dissertation: of 20 ECTS credits. Each module lasts a whole year, which allows students more time to acquire the content and competences and thus gain greater ""maturity in egyptology"". Six of the modules, corresponding to the first academic year, focus on acquiring essential knowledge. The other four modules and the master's degree dissertation, corresponding to the second year, are devoted to specialisation and preparation for research work. "

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Study plan structure



Type Credits
Compulsory 100
Master Thesis 20


Classroom and On Line Teaching Mode


Subject Credits Type
First year    
Egyptian Archaeology and Art 10 OB
Egyptian Epigraphy and Paleography 10 OB
Egyptian Language I 10 OB
Egyptian Texts I 10 OB
History of Egypt I 10 OB
Identities and Beliefs in Ancient Egypt 10 OB
Second year    
Egypt in its Mediterranean and Near Eastern Context 10 OB
Egyptian Language II 10 OB
Egyptian Texts II 10 OB
History of Egypt II 10 OB
Master's Degree Dissertation 20 OB

OB: Compulsory


Discontinuation of courses

All optional subjects are not scheduled each year.

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