Official master's degree in Journalism and Digital Content Innovation

You will acquire the skills needed to broaden your professional horizons and specialise in digital communication with a practical methodology and the guarantee of critical learning processes

Admission Official Master's Degree in Journalism and Digital Content Innovation

General calendar

From 1 February to 3 October 2022.
Each centre establishes its pre-registration periods within these dates, which may also vary.
Please check the master's degree admission dates in the specific section entitled “Teaching centre's admissions calendar".

Teaching centre's admissions calendar


                                      Pre-registration                        Resolution notification


First period                     11/01/2021 - 28/02/2021          18/03/2021

Second period               01/03/2021 – 09/05/2021         27/05/2021

Third period                    10/05/2021 – 11/07/2021         22/07/2021

Fourth period                 12/07/2021 – 12/09/2021         23/09/2021

Extraordinary period      13/09/2021 – 04/10/2021         07/10/2021