Application for admission to the master's degree

Before beginning the application please check out the access requirements, the required documents that you will need to scan and the admissions calendar.

Your pre-registration will only be considered valid after the application payment by credit or debit card and once you have attached all required documents.


1- Click on the online application form and choose the master's degree you are interested in.

To open the form you need a university ID number(NIU) and password. To obtain these:
  • If you are not already a UAB student fill in your personal details in order to sign up.
  • If you are at present a UAB studentor have been one, you have a university ID number (NIU) and you remember your password, go straight to your application.
  • If you are at present a UAB student or have been one, but you do not remember your university ID number (NIU) and/or you do not remember your password, fill in your personal details again to recover them.
2- Fill in your personal and academic detailsin the relevant sections.

3- Scan the necessary personal and academic documentsand attach them to your application. The documents should be attached in pdf, jpg, or Word formats (4 MB maximum).

4- Make the mandatory application payment (30.21 Euros, not refundable) by bank card (credit or debit). Please note that the application payment needs to be made using a bank card. This payment is not needed in the case of Erasmus Mundus master'sdegrees and the master'sdegree Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

5- If you wish, you can download a document confirming your application for admission has been made.

Open the application form

Documents for admission

  1. Academic transcript of higher studies with details of the subjects studied and grade per subject and overall grade (weighted grade-point average).
  2. Degree/qualification corresponding to the academic transcript.
  3. CV
  4. Declaration letter of interests and motivation of the candidate (up to 20 points). In the letter, the Admission Committee will look especially at knowledge of the Master's degree course (up to 10 points), the link between the candidates interests and the content of the course (up to 5 points), and any previous experience the candidate has with the content of the Master's degree (up to 5 points).
  5. Certificate of the English level B2 of the CEFR.
  6. Certificate of DELE or SIELE (level C1) accrediting the knowledge of Spanish language (just for the foreign students who doesn't have Spanish as their mother tongue).
  7. Other post-graduate degrees (up to 10 points. See the weighting table in the "Admission Requirements" tab) – OPTIONAL
  8. Participation in additional academic activities related to the field of the journalism and the communication (up to 10 points. See the weighting table in the "Admission Requirements" tab) – OPTIONAL

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Once the form has been sent in you will get a confirmation e-mail

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