Bachelor's Degree in Geography and Spatial Planning (online)

As from academic year 2018-2019, first-year places in these studies will no longer be offered

General information

Career options

The bachelor's degree in Geography and Spatial Planning trains technicians and specialists prepared to work in the following areas:
  • Spatial Planning and Management. Specialists in planning and managing the land, policies of private and public institutions (urban planning, cadastral surveyors, heritage and real estate managers, etc.).
  • Regional Studies. Specialist in rural spaces and local developments and in urban spaces and planning (landscape specialists, development agents, cooperation agents, etc.).
  • Mapping. Specialists in cartographic techniques and quantitative and qualitative methodologies (cartography and map libraries, remote sensing, collaboration with topographers, design of surveys and statistical analysis, etc.).
  • Working in a network and in cooperation with other professionals from this environment. Specialist in environmental issues (environmental health and risk prevention officers, environmental consultants, managers of natural parks, etc.) and specialist in the physical environment (meteorologists, hydrologists, geological consultants, etc.).
  • Regional analysis. Specialists in local and regional analyses as well as in countries and large regions around the world (strategic and geopolitical resources, etc.).
  • Demography. Specialist in population and demography issues (demography applied to business, geomarketing, etc.).
  • Teaching, dissemination and informal education on spatial planning.Specialists in education teaching social sciences or working on popularisation tasks in geography (tourist promotion, publishing houses, preparing papers for journals, teaching, etc.).
  • Research into spatial planning. Specialists in different fields of geography working in research centres or institutes, or at universities conducting research into geography.

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