Study plan Bachelor's Degree in Geography and Spatial Planning (online)

Basic skills

Once you have finished this degree you will able to:

  • Show knowledge of the basic contents of Geography and its epistemological development and research methods.
  • Apply the theoretical, methodological and instrumental knowledge to the integrated analysis and interpretation of spatial problems and processes, and the resolution of territorial conflicts, and the elaboration of territorial diagnoses.
  • Interpret the diversities and complexities of territories and the interrelations between phenomena of an environmental nature with those of an economic, social or cultural type.
  • Transmit geographical information, ideas and problems correctly both orally and in writing to specialised and unspecialised audiences in Spanish and Catalan.
  • Show that the basis has been acquired for further Postgraduate studies, either specialised or of a transdisciplinary nature, in which the territorial component is prominent.

Specific skills

  • Integrate and transmit the knowledge of the geography discipline in association with others of a similar nature.
  • Show mastery of the theoretical knowledge required to plan geographical problems in an integrated manner and combine a generalist focus with specialised analysis.
  • Act and intervene in the territory and its management, showing the applied and experimental nature of geographical training.
  • Understand spatial relationships on different territorial scales through the relations between nature and society, and the dimension of time.
  • Master the different ways of acquiring and managing geographical information as a tool for territorial interpretation and especially maps and images of Earth.
  • Synthesise and transmit geographical problems to the media.
  • Analyse and interpret landscapes, and environmental, demographic and town-planning problems.
  • Apply fieldwork methods and techniques in order to acquire direct knowledge of the land. Explain the developments in the modern world from a geographical viewpoint.
  • Develop strategies for analysis, synthesis and communication that make it possible to transmit Geography to educational environments.
  • Develop the specific skills related to the knowledge of work techniques and especially those related to the obtainment, analysis, treatment and cartographic expression of geographical information, as well as those in relation to fieldwork.