Bachelor's Degree in Geography, Environmental Management and Spatial Planning

You will become a professional in developing land and environmental planning and managing tasks with a critical viewpoint and entrepreneurial spirit which will make you prepared to adapt to a variety of professional positions 

General information

  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 60
  • Admission mark: 5,480
  • Price per credit: 17.69 euros
  • Language: Catalan (80%), Spanish (17.5%) and English (2.5%)

  • Academic calendar
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning

The main objective of the bachelor's degree in Geography, Environmental Management and Spatial Planning is to train professionals with the ability to develop spatial and environmental planning and management tasks. To do so, it provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct an integrated analysis of the social and regional dynamics and environmental, rural and urban transformations of the land.

The bachelor's degree is programmed by the Department of Geography, one of the 16 UAB specialisations which figure among the top 100 of the prestigious QS WUR ranking (2022).

This is the degree for you, if...

  • You like discovering the land hands-on, observing and understanding the landscape.
  • You are empathic and sensitive towards social and environmental problems, both home and abroad.
  • You want your commitment to protecting natural environments, to searching for alternative growth models and fighting against social inequalities, etc. to become your profession.
  • You want to have direct contact with the professional world thanks to work placements in consulting firms and different administrative areas.
  • You see yourself as a strong agent participating in the decision-making processes which will lead to positive changes in the enviroment and in spatial planning.

Career options

Upon completing the degree, students will have acquired the optimal skills needed to have a multidisciplinary profile is areas such as:
  • Public administration, from local to international level, in the area of regional planning and management.
  • Business consultancies and other businesses offering public and private services, with issues related to geographic information.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Planning and management of the geographic location of public services (transport, housing).
  • Activation of the local economy.
  • Companies, cooperatives and associations of the social economy sector.
  • Urban project management.
  • Technicians in mapping and other geo information-related products.
  • Management of natural spaces.
  • Planning of rural environments.
  • Professional environmental services.
  • Non-governmental organisations, third sector and other international cooperation associations.
  • Teaching and applied research.


Mobility programmes

Professional training


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