Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Administration - English

Master the different business management areas while improving your English language skills in business and economics in an international setting and with quality work placements in English.

  • Faculty of Economics and Business Studies
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 70
  • Admission mark: 8,650
  • Price per credit: 25.27 euros
  • Language: English (the language the degree is offered in will be stated in the European Diploma Supplement).
  • Academic calendar
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning
Why the degree in Business Administration and Management ? English?

If you are motivated by international scenarios, working in international companies and becoming fluent in business English, this degree offers the training you need. It will help you discover how each business area is organised and functions, and all in English.

The degree is designed to equip you with the necessary managerial functions, setting up the accounting, marketing policies, organising the finances, deciding on the viability of new investments, designing a business strategy, taking over other organisational tasks and mastering English language skills in business and economics.  

This degree consists of a professional approach which ensures its graduates bright professional future and prepares them to work in both international companies and local ones with close relations with other countries. Given that the bachelor's degree is offered in English, you will acquire the same level upon completion as in other prestigious universities abroad offering the same studies.

In your fourth year, you will be able to enrol in quality work placements in an English-speaking environment.

The degree also offers small groups and well-equipped classrooms in a faculty shared with students enrolled in the degrees of Economics, Accounting and Finances, and Business and Technology, as well as numerous degree-related master's degrees.

Career options

Graduates in Business Management and Administration can work in different areas within organisations, especially in those where the international dimension is of key importance.
The degree in Business Management and Administration provides students with the skills needed to carry out any type of business activity, from the creation of a small business (entrepreneur) to the development of managing activities at the highest level (financial management, commercial management, controllers, human resource management, etc.).
You will also acquire the skills needed for the evaluation and auditing of businesses, for banking and other financial companies (management of funds, stock markets, assessment of qualifications, etc.), as well as the preparation needed to access public administration posts related to business management (state economist, public finance, hospital management, city councils, etc.).


Mobility programmes

Professional training