Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Administration + Law

If you want to create, manage, assess and evaluate all types of businesses in any of the organisational and legal areas, this double degree is right for you! The UAB offers a group specifically for those enrolled in this combined degree, in which you will learn in an international setting and be able to enrol in quality work placements

Why the degree in Business Administration and Management + Law?

If you are motivated by the business and legal world, this degree in Business Management and Administration and in Law offers you all the knowledge and training you will need. You will learn about and come to understand all aspects of business management and law.  

You will discover how a business is organised and also understand and interpret the laws related to economic activities, as well as learn to analyse, interpret and use the information regarding business management and law.  

You will learn to use information from different areas, which will provide you with a competitive advantage in which you will master two complementary areas of economic activities. Once you have completed the bachelor's degree, you will have the chance to enter the labour market in any organisational area of both private and public companies and with all the career options also available to law graduates. The career options of both professions will be open to you.

You will also have the change to enrol in work placements and take a variety of subjects in English. You will find all this and more at the UAB, with a specific, double-degree group in which you will be able to share experiences and benefit from being part of a group with other local and international students.

Career options

Graduates' employability is high, since they have the opportunities provided by both degrees and are also qualified for posts that require expertise in both fields.

The degree in Business Management and Administration provides students with the skills needed to carry out any type of business activity, from the creation of a small business (entrepreneur) to the development of managing activities at the highest level (financial management, commercial management, controllers, human resource management, etc.). Students will also acquire the skills needed for the evaluation and auditing of businesses, for banking and other financial companies (management of funds, stock markets, assessment of qualifications, etc.), as well as the preparation needed to access public administration posts related to business management.
The degree in Law qualifies graduates to work in any branch of legal work: administrative, civil, economic, commercial, employment, international, procedural, criminal, tax, etc. In addition, by taking the corresponding postgraduate course, they can practise as lawyers.

Law graduates can take competitive exams to work as judges, notaries, registrars, public prosecutors, state lawyers, diplomats, officers in international organisations, etc. In many of these exams it is extremely useful to have a knowledge of business management. Conversely, those with a legal background can be at an advantage when taking competitive exams with an economic component (tax inspection, employment and social security inspection, etc.).

Graduates having a knowledge combination that equips them to give both legal and economic advice are at a great advantage compared to other profiles.

Mobility programmes