Bachelor's Degree in Speech Therapy

The only bachelor's degree offered by a public university in Catalonia that trains you to treat people with communication and language problems and provides a wide range of work placements to help you discover this professional world

General information

Bachelor's Degree in Speech Therapy

The bachelor's degree in Speech Therapy at the UAB is:

  • The only public university in Catalonia to offer a degree in Speech Therapy.
  • Training in a profession that is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of people in such fundamental aspects as communication and language.
  • Helping you become professionally equipped to work in prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to speech, voice, non-verbal oral functions, oral and written language and other forms of communication with people of all ages.
  • Offering the multidisciplinary training all speech therapists need, with specialised lecturers from four different faculties (Psychology, Medicine, Humanities and Arts and Education) and 13 departments.
  • Giving importance to professional work placements: you will count on a broad network of teaching labs which guarantee a strong practical component, as well as a large number of work placement agreements with affiliated centres.
  • Internationalisation: you will be able to study part of your degree at a wide range of European and Latin American universities.
  • Completing the degree to go on to working in healthcare centres, special education centres, media companies, etc. to name a few.

Career options

The main job opportunities for speech therapists are mainly related to those offered in public and private health care centres, special education centres, mass media and specific professional sectors (actors, singers, etc.)


Mobility programmes

List of universities with exchange programmes

Exchanges with European universities (Erasmus):
At present, the Faculty of Psychology has established agreements for students of speech therapy with 7 European universities of Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Turkey.

Exchanges with universities in Spain (SICUE):
At present, the Faculty of Psychology has established 6 agreements for students of speech therapy with universities of Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Oviedo, Tenerife and Valencia.

UAB Exchange Program with universities around the world:
The students of the Faculty of Psychology can access places signed with several universities in America, Asia and Oceania.

Space for Mobility and Exchanges of the Virtual Campus
This tool, created by the Faculty of Psychology (and pioneer at the UAB), aims to facilitate and promote the participation of students of the Faculty in the exchange programs established by the UAB, as well as streamlining the dialogue and the students' exchange of information between participating students and future mobility students.

Are you selected to study at the Faculty of Psychology as an exchange student? Check the Procedure for incoming students.

Additional exchange programme documents

Professional training

List of work placement centres

The Faculty of Psychology has collaboration agreements, to carry out the Professional Training of Speech Therapy, signed with public and private entities that cover different fields.

University Hospitals of Sant Pau and Vall d'Hebrón, Mataró Hospital, Centers for reeducation and attention to language problems, Centers for child development and early attention (CDIAPs), Centers for educational resources for hearing impaired (CREDAs) and others centers specialized in deafness and serious language disorders, special education centers, rehabilitation centers for language disorders derived from neurological diseases, among others.


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