Bachelor's Degree in History

A unique degree offering the largest possible optional subjects and specialisations. You will learn to think historically and this will help you locate the problems existing in your present and aid in creating the projects for your future

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Bachelor's degree in History

Are you passionate about discovering all types of civilisations ranging from the Antiquity to the globalised world of today? Do you want to think historically about your present and future? Would you like to do so in a faculty and campus which allows you shape your training interdisciplinarily and in the field of research?

The UAB degree is unique in Catalonia and Spain due to it being the bachelor's degree in History with the maximum number of specialisations. You will be able to review history in its most integrated dimension and train in the search and identification of information, including many digital resources. Up to ten specialisations according to periods and subjects, ranging from the management of cultural heritage or the modern era to the dimension of gender throughout history. Some specialisations are unique in all of Spain, such as the history of war or social and cultural history. The degree also includes external work placements and international exchange programmes.

We aim to respond to the new demands of the cultural sector, in which knowledge of history is highly valued. Areas such as education, heritage management, museums, communication media and publishing houses all represent professional career options. A strong commitment to research is guaranteed by a lecturing team of renowned excellence, with important research groups and institutes.

Career options

Today, the qualities and skills of graduates in History include a wider range of options apart from the traditional academic and research fields.
A large part of graduates have entered the labour market in sectors indirectly related to this discipline, in which the skills and competences acquired during their studies are highly valued:

- Archiving and documentation
- Cultural asssessment
- History applied to social policies
- Design of social responsibility policies
- Management and conservation of historical and cultural heritage
- Collaboration with media companies
- Documentation and assessment for publishers
- Public and private management 
- Political and administrative fields
- Communication services for companies
- Tourism and cultural leisure activities


Mobility programmes

Professional training


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