Bachelor's Degree in Humanities

The degree offers interdisciplinary humanistic training leading up to a wide range of professional opportunities and an integrated learning in cultural management. Come discover the humanities!

General information

Bachelor's degree in Humanities

The bachelor's degree in Humanities aims to train professionals daring enough to study and prepare themselves in an interdisciplinary field. Thus, from history to literature, from audiovisuals to theatre, and from humanistic coomunications to geography, this degree for,s part of an international framework of prestigious cultural studies, with much relevance in the English-speaking world.

This degree is for you if...

  • You are searching for a unique degree with specific activities made and proposed by students and lecturers
  • You are looking to enjoy studying a degree which fits perfectly into an integrated campus such as the UAB
  • You want to work and know that the statistics of the labour market entrance for humanities' professional is very high thanks to its diversification of issues and training subjects
  • You want a degree with different tracks, offered through two specialisations: Contemporary Culture and Cultural Management
  • You aim to enjoy the multiple possibilities offered by all of the departments of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • You are looking for a degree which connects university aspects with the local surroundings
  • You aim to develop a critical and reflective spirit, social sensitivity, and language, comprehension and reasoning skills, as well as demonstrate your global interest in culture

Career options

The extraordinary growth experienced by the cultural sector and the versatility of graduates with a degree in Humanities allows those who complete this degree to continue on to a variety of professions such as:

  • cultural management of public and private administrations (museums, archives, foundations, social organisations, study centres, etc.)
  • cultural promotion in city councils and other civic associations (organisation of projects, activities or cultural events)
  • publishing houses
  • creation of virtual areas (professional, educational, leisure or cultural)
  • design of cultural products, facilities or services
  • cultural tourism
  • mass media
  • teaching and research
  • intercultural and international mediation

Mobility programmes

Professional training


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