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Table of credits for each course

  Basic training Compulsory Optional Final Project
First 60      
Second   60    
Third   48 12  
Fourth     54 6
Total 60 108 66 6

Period of study

Course semesters

Part-time or full-time

Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.


General training
Specialisation in Cultural Management
Specialisation in Contemporary Culture

Basic and compulsory training

1st year 2nd year
  • Foreign Language I and II (English, French, German Italian)
  • Foundations of the Modern World
  • Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Foundations of the Contemporary World
  • Written Expression (Catalan or Spanish)
  • Comparative Literature
  • Reading the Artistic Image
  • Places and Regions in Human Geography
  • History of Science 
  • History of Ancient and Medieval Art
  • Prehistory and Ancient History
  • Classical Culture I
  • Introduction to Medieval History
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • Classical Culture II
  • Catalan Literature
  • Catalan Language: Culture and Society
  • Spanish Language: Oral Variation and Discourse
  • Spanish Literature 
3rd year 4th year
  • Modern and Contemporary Philosophy
  • Geography of Globalisation
  • Modern History of Catalonia
  • Cultural Management
  • Heritage
  • Culture in the Mass Media
  • History of Contemporary Catalonia
  • History of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Bachelor's Degree Final Project

Optional subjects

3rd year   
  •  Modern Language I *
  •  Modern Language II * 
(*) You can choose from English, French, German, Italian, Basque, Galician, Portuguese, Occitan, Romanian and Modern Greek. This language should be different to the one chosen in the first year. Students may continue with the language chosen in the first year, but at the corresponding level of difficulty.
You can enrol in a maximum of 12 credits.
Optional subjects from the fourth year may also be chosen. 
4th year   
  • Work Placement 

In order to obtain a Minor you must take at least 30 credits (five subjects) of each of the specialisations.

Specialisation  in Cultural Management Specialisation in Contemporary Culture
  • Documentation and Archiving
  • Law and Culture
  • Audiovisual Media and Techniques
  • Architectural and Archaeological Heritage(*)
  • Publishing Perspectives and Techniques
  • Contemporary Cultural Policies(*)
  • Literary Production and Consumption
  • Geography of Tourism
  • Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Museology
  • Music
  • Cinema History
  • Catalan Literature Today
  • Spanish Literature Today
  • Geography of Modern Cities
  • Philosophy of Culture
  • History of Political Ideas
  • Classic Events in Culture Today
  • Mythology Literature
  • International Relations and Conflicts in the Contemporary Age

Optional subjects available, but not taken, in the third year may also be chosen.
(*) These subjects will not be available during this academic year.

Additional information

All optional subjects are not scheduled each year.