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ICTA-UAB Best Prizes

We would like to announce two new prizes to be awarded this year:


2022 Best Postdoctoral Published Paper Prize by a female postdoctoral scientist or for a postdoctoral paper with a central gender focus or feminist epistemology

- 2022 Best PhD Dissertation Prize for a female scientist or for a dissertation with a central gender focus or feminist epistemology


We have two internal committees of researchers who have generously accepted to review applications and select the winner for each category. We are thus all looking forward to submissions and see these prizes as a support to our ICTA-UAB Gender Policy goals.  


Who submits? 

  • Not the PhD thesis holder, nor the postdoctoral paper writer! 
  • People who nominate submit. 

How to submit? 

  1. Any ICTA-based SUPERVISOR/MENTOR of a postdoctoral researcher who wants to nominate a postdoctoral published paper (one paper to be supported per supervisor/mentor, paper has to be first-authored by a postdoctoral researcher — that is someone who was the postdoc at ICTA and had his/her/their paper published in 2022) writes a brief nomination letter justifying the nomination and attaches the published article. 

    SUBMISSION LINK:  https://forms.office.com/e/4AC7T4Z1rG

  2.  Any ICTA-based DOCTORAL SUPERVISOR who wants to nominate a thesis (one defended thesis (2022) to be supported per supervisor) writes a brief nomination letter justifying the nomination and attaches the defended dissertation to the letter. 

    SUBMISSION LINK:  https://forms.office.com/e/0F39CWpnq6

NB: If you are both a supervisor of a fantastic PhD thesis and of a fantastic postdoctoral paper, feel free to nominate both, but you can only nominate one candidate per category!!


By when to submit? 

  • All materials to be uploaded online using the links above by May 26th, 5pm. 
  • Results announced at the 2023 ICTA Fall Welcome Event with surprise gifts! 


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