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Mobility Grants 2023- Academic events

ICTA-UAB, through its Maria de Maeztu (MdM) program, is welcoming applications for Mobility grants 2023 – ACADEMIC CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS or SUMMER SCHOOLS. 

Application deadline: Wednesday, May 15th, 23:45 CET. 


Eligible costs

Travel costs to an academic conference/workshop/ summer school, to be held in an EU country (excluding Spain) during 2023, and related registration fees 

Please, note that accomodation costs are not included in the grant. 

Travel plans should be organized through the official travel agencies of the UAB (GUIDELINES for TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS below). 

Eligible applicants:  

  • PhD students or post-doctoral fellows whose primary institutional affiliation is ICTA-UAB. 
  • The research presented at the conferenceshould contribute and be related tothe research objectivesof at least one of the 5 societal challenges of ICTA’s strategic research program. 

Application forms and documents required: 

Fill in the following application form by providing the required documents (in PDF) 

  1. The website and/or programme of the conference/workshop/summer school (indicating the start/finish dates and the venue). 
  2. Document indicating and justifying the applicant’s preferred travel means, which should consider ICTA’s Responsible Travel Strategy, and providing a tentative travel budget. Please, also indicate if it is a long-distance travel (>1000 km or 10h trip) and give 1-sentence explanation for your choice 
  1. Document attesting the cost of the registration fees for the conference/workshop/summer school. 
  2. Document with the abstract of the article to be presented at the conference. 
  3. Document signed by the applicant and her/his supervisor/group leader indicating: 
    1. How does the article to be presented contribute to ICTA-UAB’s strategic research programme? (max. 150 words); 
    2. The applicant’s research main funding source and the correspondent grant number, such as PhD grant (e.g. FI-2021-XXXX or FPI-2020-XXXX), Post-doctoral grant (e.g. BdP-2022-XXX), JdC-2022-XXXX); Research project (ERC-CoG-2020-XXXX), etc.  

Applications’ selection 

 For Conference/workshop/summer school, applications will be prioritized based on:  

  1. the extent to which the conference/workshop/summer school relates to ICTA-UAB’s societal challenge.  
  2. the contribution of the article to ICTA-UAB’s strategic research programme 
  3. commitment to engage in sustainable forms of travel. 



Additional information