Access to these graduate diplomas can be gained by successfully completing the Graduate Diploma in Canine Unit Instruction.

Graduate Diploma in Canine Unit Instruction: Assistance Dogs

Working dogs are needed more and more in today's society and this has given rise to a need for specialist instructors of dogs used to assist the disabled in carrying out essential everyday tasks and in maintaining a good state of health.

On 19 November 2009 the Catalan parliament unanimously voted in the law on access to public places for the disabled and their assistance dogs. This law is a step forward from the previous law on guide dogs for the blind, since it also covers the deaf, the physically disabled, and those with autism or certain other illnesses who have specially trained dogs to guide them, help them carry out everyday tasks and warn them of danger and imminent events.

Accordingly, this graduate diploma trains up professionals who can teach canine units to work directly in risk prevention and human safety.

Graduate Diploma in Canine Unit Instruction: Civil Protection, Prevention, Security and Emergencies

This specialisation covers all aspects of prevention and human security, whether in the case of environmental protection, using canine biodetection units, or in that of the physical protection of people and goods, using patrol and intervention dogs.

Skill in handling these specialist canine units is vital to success in, for example, rescuing someone who has got lost or detecting dangerous or illegal substances.

Graduate Diploma in Canine Unit Instruction: Therapeutic and Educational Interactions

This graduate diploma provides professionals with high-quality, workplace-oriented training in aspects of disabilities and specific canine instruction. Students will acquire the confidence to perform their duties correctly in the field of health or education: preventing risks and accurately appraising the variables involved, the resources available and the specific needs in any given situation.