Name Type Places Modality
Animal Genetics and Breeding, and Reproductive Biotechnology Inter-University 20 places
Applied Microbiology Official UAB 25 places Classroom-based learning
Aquaculture Inter-University
Erasmus Mundus in Leading International Vaccinology Education Erasmus Mundus 23 places
Erasmus Mundus in Science in Infectious Diseases and One Health Erasmus Mundus
Food Safety Inter-University
Pharmacology Official UAB 25 Classroom-based learning.
Quality of Food of Animal Origin Official UAB 27 places Classroom-based learning
Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management Official UAB 30 places Classroom-based learning
Translational Biomedical Research Official UAB 50 places Classroom-based learning
Zoonoses and One Health Official UAB Classroom-based learning