The UAB participates in the new Information and Intelligence System for Tourism

Foto: AgŤncia Catalana de Turisme.

The institutions and universities involved in the knowledge of the tourist sector will be working together through the new Information and Intelligence System for Tourism of Catalonia, presented recently by the Government of Catalonia. The UAB School for Tourism & Hotel Management will be participating in the initiative.


The UAB recently took part in the signing of an agreement among several universities, the Government of Catalonia and other institutions to create the system of Information and Intelligence System for Tourism of Catalonia (SIITC), which will enable members to generate and transfer knowledge with the aim of furthering the development of the tourist sector.

The Secretary of Business and Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia Joan Aregio presented the new SIITC in an event in Barcelona which included the participation of UAB Rector Margarita Arboix; Director of the UAB School of Tourism and Hotel Management Maria Noguera; and delegates from the other institutions signing the agreement: UB, UdL, UdG, URV, UOC, UPC, UPF, URL, the Science and Technology Park of Tourism and Leisure of Catalonia, the Escola Superior d’Hosteleria de Barcelona (ESHOB), the Confederació Empresarial d’Hostaleria i Restauració de Catalunya, and the Barcelona City Council, the Tourism of Barcelona, the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Tourism Board of the Tarragona Provincial Council, the Tourism Board of the Costa Brava-Girona, and the Tourism Board of the Lleida Provincial Council.

Among its other tasks, the SIITC will also encompass the work of research groups at member universities with the aim of generating information which can help to improve Catalonia's tourism model. A platform will be created to integrate all relevant databases needed to provide knowledge on the tourism of Catalonia and other sector-related information sources (e.g., regional, environmental and urban indicators). This will later give way to knowledge transference tools and networks or work groups.

The new platform aims to build synergies among experts and tourism sector agents, make knowledge of the sector available to everybody, and reach a "model of knowledge" adapted to the needs of the country's tourism sector. This initiative is also a unique system in Spain which, according to the Catalan government, must contribute to strengthening the position of leadership of Catalonia's tourist destinations.

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