The IMBM Summer Symposium closes with success and the look set in the future

IMBM Summer Symposium

The IMBM Summer Symposium 2017 of UAB's master's degree in Executive Business Management brings together the community of the master and students from other masters' degrees in economics and business in a meeting that debated on the future of businesses in this world of social networks and hyperconnection.


The IMBM Summer Symposium 2017 was held on June 21, 22 and 23 at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies of the UAB. It gathered a significant representation of the historical community of the master's degree in Executive Business Management (professors, students and alumni, along with companies that promote and support the programme) and had an outstanding participation of students from other UAB masters' degrees in economics and business.

The symposium included two main sessions, on family business and big data, around which participants generated a debate of great interest around key aspects for the future of the business world. The networking and exchange of experiences and knowledge were intense and made the symposium a success for all participants.

The main results and conclusions of the symposium can be summarized in some of the fundamental questions arised during the debates:

  • How are the family values transmitted to the business culture? How family business management get the benefits from those values?
  • How will the future consumer be and how the distribution channels will collaborate with business to enhance customers' new demands?
  • How will business be affected by the transparence and rumors created and spread by social media?
  • How can the amount of information generated be profitable for business decisions? (90% of the existing information is being generated over the last three years)
  • Will artificial intelligence managed by machines have more influence on purchase decisions than human recommendations? How human (especially millennials) will be prepared for not being  dominated by mathematics algorism?
  • How the results of the changes on the financial sector can be affected by the Machine Learning techniques and take advantages with the capability to anticipate actions in order to mitigate future higher risks?
  • Are automatic valuation models providing better knowledge about customers' preferences and does its application provide better services and better response to their necessities?
  • How can the combination of different information sources be used to improve predictive risks' models?

The master's degree in Executive Business Management offers its students the necessary knowledge and skills for the supervision of companies, their management and their administration at an international level. The main objective of the programme is to train professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to face the challenges arising from the development of companies in their different fields of action.

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