Ten questions and answers to help you choose a programme

10 preguntes i 10 solucions

The UAB has published the guide "10 Questions to Help you Choose a Master's Degree or Graduate Diploma", aimed at helping graduates decide on the next big step in their academic and professional career.


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is a public university and leader in several international rankings. Its academic offer includes 300 official and UAB-specific master's degrees and graduate diplomas, and almost 400 specialisation courses in most areas of knowledge.

With such a wide offer, choosing the right postgraduate programme can become complicated. In order to help students, the UAB has published 10 Questions to Help You Choose a Master's Degree or Graduate Diploma (available in Catalan and Spanish), with questions, but especially answers to the top ten doubts when choosing a UAB postgraduate programme:

What can I achieve with a master's degree or graduate diploma?

How do I know that I am choosing the right one for me?

What differences are there between master's degrees and graduate diplomas?

And between an official master's degree and a UAB-specific master's degree?

What is the master's degree or graduate diploma about? To what type of student is it addressed?

Who will be teaching the programme?

To what university does it belong? What type of a diploma will I receive when I complete the programme?

Are there work placements? What type of work placements are they and where are they done? How can the programme benefit my professional objectives?

What grants and aids are there?

Is a master's degree or graduate diploma enough for me?

All this information is available to you by clicking and downloading the guide 10 Questions to Help You Choose a Master's Degree or Graduate Diploma (in Spanish) so that you can take the next step towards your future!
More information on UAB master's degrees and graduate diplomas:
Official master's degrees
UAB-specific master's degrees and graduate diplomas


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