HEIRRI Project - Training in RRI


The Autonomous University of Barcelona is one of the institutions selected to participate in a pilot test of two programs and training materials developed by the HEIRRI project (see resolution). The HEIRRI project is focused on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in higher education institutions.

The UAB has been evaluated as one of the best proposals, giving us the mention of “HEIRRI collaboration institution”. In the next months, the UAB will actively participate in the learning process, giving feedback on the materials and their use in our institution. On April 2018, the UAB will also participate in the 2nd HEIRRI Conference, sharing our experience with other higher education institutions.

In the coming months, UAB will pilot to two of five courses designed under the HEIRRI project:

  • Responsible PhD: RRI and PHD Research Projects. Audience: PhD Students.
  • Facilitating Reflection on Responsible Research and Innovation. Audience: Academic and non-academic HEI members.
For more information about the HEIRRI project, check the official website: www.heirri.eu


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