CRAG Scientific Sketching Exhibit at the Theatre Hall


The Agrigenomics Research Centre (CRAG) has conducted a scientific dissemination project with the aim of explaining research through sketching. The drawings and photos will be on display at the UAB Theatre Hall until 17 February 2017.


The Agrigenomics Research Centre (CRAG) has conducted a scientific dissemination project with the aim of explaining research through sketching. For the project five professional sketchers professionals dressed up in gloves and lab coat last spring and immersed themselves into the world of research into plants and farm animals.

Through their drawings and notes they explain in an instructive manner the projects and discoveries made by researchers at CRAG. These drawings and those of some one hundred other fans of sketching who visited CRAG on the open day held on 30 April, now make up a book, video and exhibit.

The exhibit can be visited at the UAB Theatre Hall, located at the Plaça Cívica, from 15 December 2016 to 17 February 2017. The Science and Technology Library at the faculties of Sciences and Biosciences will also include a small sample of the exhibit.

Copies of the book will be given to the UAB Libraries following its presentation on 8 February at the UAB Theatre Hall.

Urban Sketching (USK) is an artistic movement which focuses on drawing on site and on the direct observation of surroundings. Since 2008, Gabriel Campanario (sketcher from Barcelona living in the United States) opened an account on Flickr and shared his drawings, and since then the community of sketchers has only grown. As a cultural movement, the USK includes an eight-point manifest which summarises its philosophy: respect towards diversity of styles, loyalty to the surrounding scenes, comradeship, mutual assistance and sharing sketches through platforms, with internet serving as an open access museum.

The Agrigenomics Research Centre (CRAG), located on the UAB campus, is a research centre member of the Government of Catalonia's CERCA system. Formed by a consortium of four institutions (CSIC, IRTA, UAB and UB), there are almost 200 people at CRAG working on research and experimenting with the genes of plants and animals. The results obtained from these projects help face current challenges such as climate change and shortages in water and energetic resources, and plagues. With its work, CRAG contributes to sustainable and quality development criteria in agriculture and livestock farming, and to the production of healthy and quality foodstuffs.

Photo by Malvo Films and drawing by Mercè Godàs.


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