Catalan tailor made courses

Catalan for PhD students: on-site

General information

Course taught in on-site mode. Total 20 hours. Aimed at PhD students of the UAB who want to write their thesis in Catalan. For these students the course is free. 

There may be changes to courses at the Language Service if the university, in accordance with the health authorities, decides to place restrictions on face-to-face teaching.

Writing your Thesis in Catalan.

Doctoral students.
Certificate demonstrating a pass in the previous level (or results of a level test). 
You are required to be a member of the UAB community. 

Summer course: open onsite from 6 May 2024.

To enrol on a language-level course at UAB Idiomes Campus you need to show a certificate to confirm you have passed the previous level or else take a level test.

Opening hours:

Mondays to Fridays, 9 to 14 and 15 to 20 h

Phone times (93 581 13 25):

Mondays to Fridays, 9.30 to 12.30 and 15 to 18 h.



Please note:

- Your enrolment will be finalised when we have confirmed that the entry requirements have been met.
- The number of places on our courses is limited, so we deal with enrolment requests in the order they arrive.
- When you have enrolled, we will contact you to confirm this and give you the payment instructions, where appropriate.

UAB Idiomes reserves the right to cancel a group if a minimum number of students has not enrolled.

Redactar la Tesi en Català    


Course Price Total Ammount*
UAB students and Saff 250,00 € 290,00 €
Others 311,00 € 351,00 €
Doctoral students are 100% subsidised.

* The total amount is the course fee plus administration fees (40 €).

- The second enrolments and subsequent registrations have a bonus of €40
- The PDI of the UAB has a subsidy of 100% of the amount of all the courses of Catalan.
- Associated University Community has a 15% disccount on external prices.
- Returned receipts and refunds incur a handling fee payable by the bank account holder. The amount of this handling fee is € 2.50.


  • Mobility students: Students who come to the UAB as part of a mobility programme (Erasmus, Seneca...)..
  • UAB students and staff: Students (undergraduate and postgraduate), academic staff and administrative and service staff of UAB centres.
  • Associtet University Community: Amics UAB; Esfera UAB; Parc de Recerca; Alumni UAB; Students, Teaching Staff and PAS of Affiliated Schools, Alumni Servei de Llengües, Fundació Autònoma, etc.

Edition Calendar Days and hours
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