Ultimate responsibility for biosafety matters lies with the rector, who delegates this in line with standard procedure to (in this order) the vice-rector and deputy executive administrator for research, heads of departments and institutes, principal investigators and supervisors and, finally, to each of the university's employees and students.

The following have important functions in this area.
a) The principal investigator (PI) of each research project or line of research is responsible for the safety and health of all personnel involved in the project.
b) The supervisor, as the main person in charge of the facility, has the necessary authority and support to assess risks, establish safety policies and procedures and ensure that research staff are adequately trained and that the facility and its equipment are correctly maintained.
c) The biosafety officer is responsible for providing guidance on the manipulation of biological agents and for the general management of the UAB's biosafety programme.
d) The technical staff.

Functions and responsibilities in matters of occupational risk prevention are defined in the document Prevenció de riscos laborals a la UAB (Occupational risk prevention at the UAB), approved by the Consell de Govern on 19 December, 2007.