Official master's degree in Regional and Population Studies

If you think the design of cities determines daily life, mobility, gentrification and tourism, this master's degree is for you

Official Master's Degree in Regional and Population Studies


Access to this master's degree is open to holders of an official bachelor's degree from a Spanish university or from another higher education institution within or outside the European Higher Education Area, provided this gives access to postgraduate studies in the country of issue.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to this master's degree, you require a three-year or four-year degree or equivalent in areas related to arts and the humanities, or to the social sciences and law (Geography, Geography and Land Use Planning, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Sciences, Law, Economics, the Humanities, History, Tourism and other similar studies).

The specialisation in Land Use Planning, Local Development and Regional Planning is oriented towards a wide range of graduates, including those from the fields of the Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Architecture. The specialisation Demography also includes students from degrees in statistics and mathematics and those with qualifications in the health sector (Medicine, Nursing, Epidemiology and similar).

The master's degree coordinator will select the candidates in order of preference, in accordance with the selection criteria outlined in the master's degree guidelines.

Selection criteria

If the number of applicants surpasses the number of places available, the following selection criteria will be used: student record, Curriculum Vitae and cover letter.
  • Student record: 60% with the aim of giving preference to students with the best overall grades.
  • Curriculum Vitae: 30%. With special emphasis on the compatibility between previous studies and professional experience in relation to the master's degree. Research projects, grants and publications will also be assessed.
  • Cover letter: (10%). Including the reasons why the student feels motivated to enrol in the master's degree.