Official master's degree in Regional and Population Studies

If you think the design of cities determines daily life, mobility, gentrification and tourism, this master's degree is for you

  • Official UAB
  • Credits: 60 ECTS credits
  • Course begins on 28/09/2020
  • Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 11/01/2021
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  • Places: 25 places
  • Price: €46.11 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding a Spanish residence permit). 2020/21 Academic year.
    €75 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold a Spanish residence permit). 2020/21 Academic year.

  • Language: Catalan: 45 % - Spanish: 40 % - English: 15%.

  • Mode: Classroom-based learning
  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Arts and Humanities

In process of extinction. You can check the Master in Territorial Studies and Planning at the following link.

You will train as a specialist in regional planning and development, and learn to analyse social and regional dynamics, as well as create proposals and make decisions in different planning and development projects.

The first semester will focus on producing region-wide planning tools and the second semester will be devoted to completing your training in the field you find most interesting: mobility, tourism, local development, water management, etc. always from the regional perspective. You will enrol in professional work placements in businesses and administrations where many former students now work as professionals.

From day one, you will be working on-field with the city's planning department, municipal technicians, architects and town planners on real projects which will later be presented to the town. In addition, the master's degree includes a series of conferences in which first-class visiting professors participate, experts in town planning, housing, development, mobility, etc.

Once you have completed the master's degree you will be prepared to work as a technician in regional planning, in socio-economic neighbourhood studies, urban development projects, regional management, and as a mobility consultant.

Career options

The official master's degree in Regional and Population Studies trains technicians and specialists in the following subjects:

Planning and regional management at different scales:

* Economic promotion and management of corporate resources
* Regional planning
* Mobility, transport and land at local, urban and metropolitan level
* Local and territorial development

It is also aimed at people who want to develop a professional activity in the field of university research and teaching and other research centres, in public administration.


Work placements

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