Official Master's Degrees

Recognition of credits

Students who have completed university courses (subjects / modules) can apply for credit validation once they have been admitted to other undergraduate or master's degree studies.

Your previous studies may have been at the UAB or any other university in Spain or abroad and can be validated whether or not the student has completed them and obtained the corresponding qualification.

Validation implies acceptance by the UAB of the previous studies, so that the credits validated are incorporated into the new academic transcript and have the status of successfully completed studies. They are also taken into account when scaling the new transcript.

Your application must cover all higher education courses completed and included in the transcript of your previous studies. The validation of credits takes place establishing the equivalence of skills and training contents of your previous studies and of the new studies you are taking.

If the application is accepted, the validated courses will be included in the new academic transcript automatically on payment of the fee established in the Catalan Government Decree in respect of fees for credit validation. Once the credits are incorporated, they cannot be relinquished.

Similarly, when a transfer application is accepted, all higher education courses completed and included in your previous studies will be incorporated into your new academic record and cannot be relinquished

Credit transfer cannot be granted if you intend to do concurrent studies. Transferred studies do not count towards passing new studies, nor towards the scaling of the new transcript. Transferred studies do not count towards passing the new studies, nor towards the scaling of the new transcript.

Application form

The application must be submitted within the period fixed in the academic and administrative calendar and should be addressed to the office of the dean or the management of the centre to which the applicant has been admitted to take the new studies. It is delivered to the academic management of the centre itself, together with the following documents:
Application form.
— Personal academic certificates, Europass Certificate Supplement or a certified copy of the transcript stating the studies taken, the academic year and the grades.
— Syllabus of the module or subject, stating the competences, the relevant content, and the number of credits or hours/weeks per semester or year, with the stamp of the previous centre.
— Curriculum, or subject or module framework required to pass the previous course, issued by the previous centre, with the corresponding stamp.
— Any other documentats the institution considers appropriate in order to process the application.

If the previous qualifications were obtained at a university outside Spain, the following documents must also be submitted:
— Information on the grading system of the previous university.
— If applicable, the corresponding translation completed by an official translator.

All documents must be official, issued by the competent authorities, and must be properly authenticated through diplomatic channels, according to the rules established by competent bodies, except the documentation from member countries of the European Union.

UAB legislation for the degrees regulated by the Royal Decree 822/2021
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