Repeated credits enrolment
In accordance with the Generalitat de Catalunya’s Public Tariffs and Prices, when registering for the second or successive times, the following per-credit fees are applied (provisional fees pending approval):

                                             Surcharges for successive registrations
Bachelor’s Degrees 1st enrolment 2nd enrolment 3rd enrolment 4th enrolment
Teaching-structure coefficient A 17,69 € 21,85 €  47,34 € 65,55 €
Teaching-structure coefficient B 25,04€ 30,93 € 67,00 € 92,78 €
Teaching-structure coefficient C 27,67 € 34,17 € 74,05 € 102,20 €


                                            Surcharges for successive registrations
Master's degrees 1st enrolment 2nd enrolment 3rd enrolment  4th enrolment
Official university master’s degrees 27,67 € 34,17 €  74,05 € 102,20 €

Fees applicable to non-resident non-EU students are governed by the tariffs approved annually by the UAB Board of Trustees.

Surcharge for second and subsequent university degree

If you already have one or more official university degrees or have fulfilled the conditions to obtain them, and you start other official studies, you will then have a coefficient of 1.4 applied to the applicable per-credit fees, unless these are for a first master's degree or doctoral studies. This coefficient will also be applied if you have a higher certificate that is equivalent, for all purposes, to a bachelor’s degree.

You are exempt from this surcharge if you any of the following cases apply to you:

- Students who, having begun a double degree, have obtained one of the two degrees and must enrol for certain credits pertaining to the other degree.

- Students who have obtained their previous official university degrees (or a higher certificate that is equivalent, for all purposes, to a bachelor’s degree) in centres that are not covered by the public-funding system.

- Students with a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%.

- Victims of acts of terrorism acts (this exemption also applies to their spouses and children).

- Victims of gender violence (this exemption also applies to their dependent children).