International Trade

Professional training to prepare students for planning and managing the introduction and dispatch of goods and the import/export processes at an international level. Also, the learning of English, French and commercial Chinese is a main pilar in this programme.


Validation is the procedure used to recognise and give academic value to official studies certified by the competent entity. 

To apply for a validation it is an indispensable requirement to be enrolled on the training cycle for which the validation is being sought. 

Validations are classified in terms of who resolves them: 

  • DIRECT VALIDATIONS: these validations are resolved directly by the centre, as they are set out in the decrees on curricula and in the regulations on validation. 
  • SPECIAL VALIDATIONS: these are all validations that cannot be resolved directly by the centre but by the Directorate General for Initial Vocational Training and Special Education (DGFPIERE). 

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