International Trade

Professional training to prepare students for planning and managing the introduction and dispatch of goods and the import/export processes at an international level. Also, the learning of English, French and commercial Chinese is a main pilar in this programme.

General skills

Planning and managing the introduction and dispatching of goods in line with the established import and export procedures, and applying the current legislation.

Professional skills
- Carry out the necessary procedures for setting up and starting a commercial company.
- Analyse the information of current international markets to support international buying and selling operations.
- Decide on the entry of a company’s products in a foreign market.
- Draw up a marketing plan.
- Seek and contact clients and international suppliers, managing international trade contracts.
- Manage import and export operations and the introduction and dispatching of goods.
- Manage finance operations in international commerce.
- Organise storage of goods.
- Manage international transportation of goods and/or travellers in different countries and by different means of transport.
- Manage payment collection and payment means and international guarantees on goods and loans.
- Generate safe environments for carrying out individual and team work.
- Supervise and apply procedures for quality control in professional activities.
- Carry out the procedures for the creation and operation of a small  company.

Social and personal skills
- Be able to communicate in foreign languages: English and French, fluently in both written and spoken form.
- Understand the protocols, customs and cultural traits that are essential to carrying out commercial activity in China.
- Be able to adapt to new work situations.
- Resolve situations, problems and contingencies using initiative, creativity and autonomy.
- Organise and coordinate working teams responsibly.
- Communicate with peers, superiors, clients and those under you responsibility using effective lines of communication.
For a complete list of the competences involved in the Higher Vocational Diploma in International Trade go to this link.