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ICTA-UAB, present at the UAB Barcelona Summer School

27 Feb 2023
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UAB Barcelona Summer School comprises a training offer of undergraduate subjects in a range of fields, and takes place from late June to the end of July once the ordinary academic year is over. ICTA-UAB researchers Graham Mortyn and Claudio Cattaneo will teach some of the courses. 

UAB Barcelona Summer School ICTA-UAB

The UAB Barcelona Summer School celebrates its eighth edition offering 29 courses from all academic fields (Sciences, Biosciences, Health Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Social and Legal Sciences, and Engineering). On Monday 6 February, the UAB Barcelona Summer School opened its registration period for UAB and non-UAB students. 

ICTA-UAB researcher Graham Mortyn will coordinate the course Geography of Global Change, and Claudio Cattaneo will be in charge of the course Ecological Economics and Degrowth Principles.

Geography of Global Change course is an all-encompassing (global) course designed to consider critically many aspects of environmental threat today, most especially climate change. The course begins with basic principles by which all topics need to be evaluated, including spatial and temporal timescales, principles of “change”, and much more. The course then proceeds with distinct impacts spheres of the Earth, including the atmosphere, oceans, and land surfaces. Special attention will be applied to the oceans given the particular importance of this realm on our blue planet Earth. 

The course Ecological Economics and Degrowth Principles aims at presenting a new perspective in the economic field by relating it to the environment (planetary boundaries) and sustainable development goals. It considers the limits of the green circular economy, growth’s main dilemmas and its implications for society and the environment. You will contrast the trade-offs between economic growth (and job creation) and environmental protection with social justice and will learn about the new perspective of Degrowth. 

The language of instruction is English, although some courses are taught in Spanish. The UAB Barcelona Summer School takes place in two three-week periods, from 19 June to 7 July and from 10 July to 28 July, with a schedule from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Completing a course may be validated for 6 or up to 12 ECTS credits. 

The price of the courses is €910 for non-UAB students, although those who register before 1 May will receive a 20% discount. For UAB and Alumni students, the price is €214.  Enrolment is open through the UAB Barcelona Summer School website.