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Biofuels: An Advisable Strategy?

Daniela Russi, Ph.D. Candidate of the UAB's Department of Economics and Economic History, has made a thesis to study the environmental consequences of the production and use of biofuels. She concludes that using public funding to support a large scale biofuel production is not an advisable strategy.


One of the globalization side effects is the arrival of new species from abroad. UAB researchers have studied the effect of two invasive species that reached the archipelago of Madeira. Against what was widely believed, and published, these intruders have not affected significantly the species of indigenous ants.


In last years, forest fires have devastated wide zones of Catalonia, with serious effects on the environment and economy of involved areas. Some data to know: In 2005 there were 892 fires in all Catalonia, and this year already there have been 618, according to the Environment Department of Generalitat. The study on fire behaviour and the...

Anàlisi del comportament dels incendis. Claus per prevenir-los

The economic value of a plant does not always overlap with its cultural value. In fact, they can be quite different. A group of researchers has developed a new method that allows to measure the cultural, practical, and economic value of plants. They have used that method to a research  to an indigenous group in the Bolivian Amazon.

Dones d'una tribu amazónica treballant artesanalment amb plantes