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One of the globalization side effects is the arrival of new species from abroad. UAB researchers have studied the effect of two invasive species that reached the archipelago of Madeira. Against what was widely believed, and published, these intruders have not affected significantly the species of indigenous ants.


UAB scientists have participated in a international cooperation project in order to study the phenomenon of the El Nio and its impact on surrounding vegetation. Investigators studied the relationship between the development of two species (pallida Prosopis and Prosopis chilensis) and the cycles of the El Nio (who has a very variable intensity)....

El fenomen El Nio podria servir per endegar programes de reforestaci

Researchers of the UAB are collaborating in an international project aimed to reconstruct the climatic history of our planet. Their laboratory: Los Andes, at more than 4.000 m altitude; their files: the lake sediments from these high altitudes. The study of past climatic records will help us to predict the possible effects of future climate...

Viatge en el temps per fer front al canvi climtic