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Faculty of Communication Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Communication Studies of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (E BARCELO02).

In this website you'll find all the specific information related to the admission and enrolment process. 


The UAB is a bilingual university. The official languages are Catalan and Spanish, so most subjects are taught in one of these two languages, depending on the teaching staff. To find out the language of instruction for each subject, students can consult the teaching guides for each subject.

Incoming exchange students MUST have and must demonstrate a minimum level of B1 in Spanish or Catalan according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (MECR). In the case of enrolling for a subject in English, they must accredit a minimum level of B1 in English, too. Students who do not present the corresponding certificate will not be accepted and will not be able to enrol.

The type of classes taught (related to languages, media expression and content creation) make it necessary for all our students to have a good command of the language in order to be able to carry out class work.


Beginning of the courses (compulsory attend classes from the 1st day):
              - Autumn semester: 12th September 2022 - 10th February 2023
              - Spring semester: 13th February - 7th July 2023


See the full academic calendar

The UAB admissions policy establishes that exchange students will be admitted to the faculty with which the bilateral agreement has been established. Exchange students must enrol in at least 50% of the subjects they wish to study at UAB in the faculty with which the bilateral agreement has been established.

The process starts once you have made your application for access to the UAB through the SIA portal and you have received the letter of admission, which will be sent to you by the UAB International Relations Office.
This will allow the Faculty of Communication Studies to send you, by email, the information, deadlines and requirements so that, before you come, you can start the online process of reserving your place in your subjects. If your stay is for the first semester or year, you will receive it during the month of June and if it is for the second semester, you will receive it during December.

Before proceeding to reserve a place in the subjects you are interested in, you should consult our list of subjects in the Faculty of Communication Studies.

You must choose subjects of the semester during which you are going to stay, first or second semester and you must consult the language, credits, timetable and group of each subject. It is essential that you choose the group correctly, as it determines the timetable of each subject. Bear in mind that the same subject can have more than one group and therefore more than one possible timetable to choose from.

It is very important to bear in mind that you will only be able to choose and register for subjects from this list, although you can find a slightly larger offer on the general website of our faculty.

Once you have decided on your subjects, you will have to prepare the documents you can see below and upload them to the system that will later allow you to reserve a place in your subjects:

- Health insurance or European Health Insurance Card

- Language Certificate


Please, note that for all these processes you will have limited time.  The connection to the application will only be available during the period we will indicate you by e-mail, outside the established dates, you will not be able to select subjects. 

Learning agreement: You do not need to send it to us in advance, even though it says so in your letter of admission to the UAB. Our faculty works a bit differently. However, if your home university requires a signed learning agreement from us before you come, at least wait until we have confirmed your subjects in the system and we can send it back to you signed. Otherwise, we prefer that you wait until you are at UAB and have all your subjects officially registered.


The exchange students are allowed to choose subjects among the different centres of the UAB, provided that groups are still open. 

Some faculties require an on-line application form, too, in their website previous the registration of the courses (https://apps.uab.cat/enrollment/):

Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Economics & Business Studies
Faculty of Political Science and Sociology
Faculty of Translation and Interpretation
This on-line application form will be available in September and February (according to the academic term). 

  • September: From the 21st to the 27th
  • February: ask to the Exchange's Office of each faculty for its process and period.


All the related documents of your exchange:

  • Certificado de llegada (= Arrival statement / Attestation de début de Séjour)
  • Acuerdo académico (= Learning agreement / Contrat d’etudes)
  • Certificado de estancia (= Attendance Statement / Attestation de Séjour)

Must be delivered to the Exchanges Office of the Faculty of Communication Sciences (by hand or by e-mail).

Once they are signed by the exchanges coordinator, they will be sent to the student by e-mail.


Transcript of Records

At the end of the stay, the transcript of records will be sent to the Iternational Relations Office of the Home University by e-mail.

Grading System of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona:

UAB   ECTS Grade
No evaluable:
Cuando se considera que el estudiante no ha aportado evidencias de evaluación, en el acta de esa asignatura se consigna la cualificación de no evaluable. La guía docente debe establecer los criterios para asignar un no evaluable.
When a student cannot provide enough evidence of having followed the class adequately to receive a global grade, he/she will get a non-assessable grade in his/her report. The teaching guide will specify the criteria for non-assessable grades.
0 - 4,9 Suspenso Fail F
5,0 - 6,9 Aprobado Pass C
7,0 - 8,9 Notable Outstanding B
9,0 - 10 Sobresaliente Excellent A
10 Matrícula de Honor Excellent (with Honours) A+

Our Faculty does not need you send the learning agreement in advance, despite, the admission letter says a different thing, our Faculty works a bit different. However, if your home university requires you a signed agreement before coming, please, wait to get confirmed your courses through the system, as a minimum. Then, we will be able to send it back signed. On the contrary, we would rather you wait to be at UAB, since it will be much better once your courses are officially enrolled.

Before your arrival at the UAB you will receive a notification from the faculty with the enrolment process.


Enrolment Calendar 
2nd Term
13th February Classes begin (mandatory to attend from the 1st day)
From 7th to 11th of February The Exchanges Office will do your enrolment and send it to you by e-mail

Changes to registration: After the registration period, you will be able to change the courses that you have registered for. You will be duly informed about the deadline for applying at the same time of your official enrolment. No changes will be possible after this date.

Academic Coordinator : Ana Mª Enrique Jiménez

        Office: N/D
        Phone: +34 93 581 2788
        E-mail: anamaria.enrique@uab.cat
        Tutorial: by appointment

Exchange Office - Academic Office (Gestión Académica)

        Administrative Officer: Emma Luengo
        Phone: +34 93 581 1795
        E-mail: intercanvis.comunicacio@uab.cat
        Fax: +34 93 581 20 05

Office hours:
From Monday to Friday (mornings): 10h - 13:30h
From Monday to Thursday (afternoons): 15h - 16h

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicación
Oficina de Intercambios - Gestión Académica
C/ de la Vinya s/n Edificio I - Campus UAB
08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)