Study guides

The information currently available corresponds to the subjects offered during the 2019/20 academic year. If you wish to consult the information included in a study guide not found on the list, please visit the Dipòsit Digital de Documents.

The information on the languages used in each subject can be found in the study guide for each subject

43199 - Education Research I: Epistemology, Basis and Design  CAT CAST ENG

43227 - Education Research II: Methodology, Instruments and Strategies for the Collection and Analysis of Data  CAT CAST ENG

43200 - Education Research III: ITC Tools in the Research Process  CAT CAST ENG

43217 - Master's Dissertation  CAT CAST ENG

43219 - Community, Social and Educational Intervention and Inequalities: Current Research Trends  CAT CAST ENG

43930 - Context in Research into the Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics  CAT CAST ENG

43206 - Current Research Perspectives: from Action to Creation  CAT CAST ENG

43212 - Educational Systems, Inequalities and Equity: Contributions by the Scientific Literature  CAT(2018-19) CAST(2018-19) ENG(2018-19)

43221 - Experience and Research: Spaces for Creation and Personal Development  CAT CAST ENG

43218 - Gender Mapping: Transitions and Identities in Research  CAT(2018-19) CAST(2018-19) ENG(2018-19)

43222 - Language Skills and Curricular Learning: Research Contributions  CAT CAST ENG

43201 - Lifelong Social and Educational Inclusion and Orientation: Research Contributions  CAT(2018-19) CAST(2018-19) ENG(2018-19)

43211 - Perspectives and Trends in Research into the Construction of Social Knowledge  CAT CAST ENG

43225 - Plurilingual Education: Research Trends and Perspectives  CAT CAST ENG

43226 - Research in the Area of Education for Democratic Citizenship  CAT CAST ENG

43223 - Research into Environmental Education and Consumption in a Globalised and Complex World  CAT CAST ENG

43929 - Research into Specific Ambits of Science and Mathematics Teaching  CAT CAST ENG

43205 - Research into the Teaching of Historical Time, Geographical Space and the Formation of Social Thought  CAT CAST ENG

43208 - Research Perspectives in Teaching of Literature  CAT(2018-19) CAST(2018-19) ENG(2018-19)

43210 - Research Perspectives in Training, Assessment and Educational Equality  CAT CAST ENG

43928 - Research Prespectives in Science and Mathematics Education  CAT CAST ENG

43215 - Research Trends and Focus in the Planning and Management of Educational Institutions  CAT(2018-19) CAST(2018-19) ENG(2018-19)

43213 - Research Trends in Curriculum Development and Innovation Processes  CAT CAST ENG

43214 - Research Trends in Teaching of Writing  CAT CAST ENG

43204 - Research, Change and Innovation: Professional Development in Organisations  CAT CAST ENG

43224 - Research, Training and Learning and Knowledge Technologies  CAT CAST ENG

43216 - Values and Diverstity in Schools: Research based on Art and Physical Education  CAT(2018-19) CAST(2018-19) ENG(2018-19)

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