University Master's Degree in Advanced English Studies

This programme will expand your knowledge of the English language, how to acquire and use it, as well as of its cultures and literatures, in an international and multilingual environment

Several changes have been made to the study plan of this master's degree. Please check the information on the latest version here English Studies: Linguistic, Literary and Sociocultural Perspectives

Content Official Master's Degree in Advanced English Studies

Ideal student profile

The Master's degree offers you the opportunity to acquire the professional skills needed to complement the following personal and intellectual characteristics:

a) Intellectual curiosity about languages and literary uses, the evolution of the English language and its literature, and both historical and present-day interactions between language, literature, society and culture.
b) Interest in developing communication skills, including the production of academic texts, oral presentations and defending opinions and ideas.

Skills and knowledge:
a) Good level of English, both spoken and written.
b) Ability to analyse and summarise scientific information, data and arguments.
c) Critical ability to formulate new interpretative proposals based on existing facts.
d) Intellectual creativity: ability to identify new research issues and an innovative approach towards developing these further.

Basic skills

  • Integrate knowledge and use it to make judgements in complex situations, with incomplete information, while keeping in mind social and ethical responsibilities. 
  • Communicate and justify conclusions clearly and unambiguously to both specialised and non-specialised audiences.
  • Continue the learning process, to a large extent autonomously
  • Solve problems in new or little-known situations within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to the field of study.
  • Use acquired knowledge as a basis for originality in the application of ideas, often in a research context.

Specific skills

  • Use the English language for academic and professional purposes related to research into the acquisition, teaching and use of English as a second language in multilingual and multicultural contexts, literary studies and cultural studies. 
  • Critically argue, issue judgements and present ideas on the basis of the analysis of information originating from scientific production in these areas.
  • Apply methodological knowledge of statistical analysis and data generation, treatment and codification of multilingual databases, analysis of literary texts, etc. to research.
  • Distinguish and contrast between the different methodological and theoretical models applied to the academic study of the acquisition, teaching and use of English as a second language in multilingual and multicultural contexts, literary studies and cultural studies.
  • Analyse the relationship between factors, processes or phenomena in the acquisition of English as a second language, its learning and teaching methods, and its literature, history and culture.
  • Resolve problems in multicultural academic and/or professional environments associated with the studies of the acquisition, teaching and use of English as a second language in multilingual and multicultural contexts, and the literature and culture of this language.

Cross-curricular skills

  • Develop autonomous learning skills applicable to the research process.
  • Use new technologies for capturing and organising information relevant to lifelong learning and problem-solving in professional activities.
  • Analyse and synthesise information at an advanced level.
  • Communicate the knowledge acquired and the contributions of one’s research correctly, accurately and clearly both orally and in writing.
  • Work effectively in teams in multilingual, multicultural and interdisciplinary professional and/or academic environments.
  • Show respect towards the opinions, values, behaviours and/or practices of others.
  • Develop the ability to evaluate sex- and gender-based inequalities and design solutions