University Master's Degree in General Health Psychology

ADvanced and specialised training in the knowledge and skills required for professional general health psychologists, with placements in leading hospitals around the country

Content Official Master's Degree in General Health Psychology

Master's dissertation

One of the key components of any master's degree is the Master's Dissertation. In the first place, this encourages students to integrate the knowledge and skill sets they have acquired and apply them to a real problem. Secondly, it is the best way for students to show how far they have progressed towards the level of competence reflected in the master's degree qualification. The Dissertation on this master's degree is singular in that students are encouraged to start work on it on beginning their placements in the second semester, and it is particularly geared to independent work. The Master's Dissertation has three possible formats: a systematic review of the current state of a topic, an empirical study, and a product (a new assessment tool or method, new therapeutic materials, etc.). Assessment of the master's dissertation is based on three documents (tutor's/tutors' report, press release and executive summary) and on an oral presentation before a panel of two lecturers. The 12 best master's dissertations will be selected for presentation at the Conference on Health Psychology and Mental Health, which is held in June when academic activity has ended, and is organised by the UAB Faculty of Psychology, the Strategic Research Community (CORE) on Mental Health, the Catalan-Balearic Psychology Society and the Society for Behavioural Research and Therapy.