University Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design

Research into art and design through theory and practice: visual creation, project culture and applied aesthetics

Content Official Master's Degree in Research in Art and Design

Master's dissertation

The nature of the MURAD programme means that master's dissertations may take either the form of academic papers or that of artistic, creative or design projects. In both cases, the approach must be an original one and the work must be a contribution to knowledge of the particular topic.

In the first case, the academic-research master's dissertation must focus on a particular research question and address the importance of the question in academic debates. This implies demonstrating the following:

  • a) knowledge and critical understanding of the academic debates on a topic
  • b) ability to focus the work on a particular question
  • c) ability to establish connections between the theory and the examples or specific cases.

In the case of the artistic or design-oriented projects students may make their own proposals on creative content and an agreement will be made on the degree of execution and completion to be reached, which should allow the work to be exhibited publicly. The work must include a structured report that includes the aim, the reference points and comments on these, and a detailed description of the production process.