University Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting

You will train to become a professional interpreter specialised in conference interpreting, capable of working in national and international multilingual environments in both the private and public sector


Admission Official Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting

Documents for admission

  1. Copy of identity card or passport.
  2. Degree/qualification corresponding to the academic transcript presented in the previous point (if you still haven't got it you can send it later no).
  3. Academic transcript of higher studies with the details of: subjects studied, ECTS (or hours), number of exams sessions required per subject, grade per subject and overall grade.
  4. Certification that certifies knowledge of languages (English C1, French C1 and German C1).
  5. In case of not being in possession of the accreditation certificates, the candidate can submit a written explanation of his level of languages and how he has acquired them.
  6. In case of having knowledge of other languages that are not those that the candidate presents to take the master's degree, the candidate can present a written explanation of what these languages are.

In all cases, the students' level of language will be determined by the test examiner for the entrance exam.

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