Guies docents de les assignatures

101203- Accounting
101227-Advertising and Public Relations
101194- Analysis of the Tourism Sector
104065-Applied computer for hotel industry
101197- Applied Statistics
101212-Business Start-Up and Innovation
101211- Commercial Management
101207- Computer and Study Skills
101238-Computerized Marketing
101217- Cultural Heritage
101239-Bachelor's Degree Final Project
101200_Financial Management
101164- First Foreign Language I (English)
101165_First Foreign Language I French
101182- First Foreign Language II (English)
101183_First Foreign Language II French
101179_First Foreign Language III English
101180_First Foreign Language III French
101176-First Foreign Language IV (English)
101177- First Foreign Language IV (French)
101193- Fundamentals of Tourism
101188-Gastronomy and Oenology
101234-Hotel Management Related Topics
101232- Human Resources Management
101231- Introduction to Business
101192- Introduction to Economics
101198- Introduction to Law
101221-Leisure and Entertainment Theme Parks
101201-Management Accounting
101191_Management and Communication Skills
101223- Management of Customer Care and Service
101222-Organisation of Congresses and Events
101229- Practicum I
101228-Practicum II
101196- Regional Geography
101214-Regional Tourism Policies
101162- Second Foreign Language I (French)
101163- Second Foreign Language I (German)
101174- Second Foreign Language II (French)
101175- Second Foreign Language II (German)
101171- Second Foreign Language III French
101172- Second Foreign Language III (German)
104622- Second Foreign Language IV (French)
104617-Segona llengua estrangera IV (Alemany)
101210- Strategic Marketing
101208- Strategic Planning of the Tourism Business
104646- Third Foreign Language I (French)
104649-Third Foreign Language I (German)
104645- Third Foreign Language I (Chinese)
101195- Tourism and Land Resources
101213-Tourism and Sustainability
101206- Tourism Economics
101190- Tourism Industry Skills
101237- Tourism Information Systems
101235-Tourism Products
101233-Tourism Related Topics
101215-Tourist Destinations and Public Promotion
101218-Tourist Guide
101225-Tourist Office Management
101220- Transport, logistics and distribution
101230-Work Placement