Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Management + Bachelor's Degree in Sociology

The combination of sociology with political science and public administration trains professionals with an elevated analytical capacity focused on institutions as well as on the behaviour of groups and individuals

General information

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Public Management and Sociology

Are you interested in political processes and social life? Would you like to understand the origin of conflicts and inequalities and find ways to solve them? This combined degree will provide you with the tools needed to analyse the behaviour of people, institutions and groups from the perspective of objective knowledge.

Your assigned tutor will give you the support and guidance needed to face the fast academic pace of this degree and complete it with success. You will confront all political and social concerns with a greater ability for analysis and reflection through training in the theoretical and practical foundations which explain a large part of today's social and political problems.

The objective is to form high quality professionals capable of performing in several political and administrative sectors, with valid and reliable knowledge of the research conducted on the phenomena causing public debates (inequality, education, gender, migrations, social policies) and a thorough training on the social structure, and the methodology and sociological research techniques.

The Faculty of Political Science and Sociology includes several research centres with intense intellectual activities which guarantee the scientific expertise of the teaching staff and top quality training for students.

Career options

The double degree's combined training is specifically suitable for activities related to areas of political and administrative institutions, such as:
  • Senior administrative and political bodies.
  • Diplomacy.
  • Third sector: involvement and management of projects for foundations, associations, NGOs, political parties, trade unions, social organisations, etc.
  • Assessment and management of NGOS, trade unions, political parties, multinational businesses and media channels.
  • Information agencies for companies and local and international organisations.
  • Academic area: research at universities or foundations; teaching at secondary school and university levels; continuous training within private enterprises.
  • Opinion polls, marketing research and communication.
  • Public projects management (executive and technical positions).

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