Bachelor's Degree in Musicology

The field of musicology is taking on new challenges. The bachelor's degree trains professionals capable of taking on tasks related to the management, training, research and conservation of heritage. The UAB is the only university in Catalonia to offer this degree

General information

Bachelor's degree in Musicology

Studies in musicology have a strong tradition in Catalonia, and a long trajectory in universities across Europe. The degree includes new technologies and the latest applications in musicology. The objective is to train future professionals capable of taking on musical management and heritage conservation tasks, as well conduct research and lecture, with the aim of understanding the process of music as a manifestation of the human culture.

This degree is for you if:

  • You like to delve into the world of music, appreciating its diversity and multiculturality.
  • You want to open up to new perspectives in music and reach new interpretations through the use of technological tools.
  • You are interested in discovering and disseminating musical heritage, both that of your culture and of others.
  • You are motivated to manage a musical event and would like to work closely in promoting music to the public.
  • You find it positive to acquire experience in companies, public organisations and audiovisual and communication companies.
  • You want to have the opportunity to be in contact with the technological, humanistic, management and educational environment found on the UAB campus in order to boost your musicological training.

Career options

Once you complete this degree you will be able to work in a variety of sectors:

  • Teaching in secondary and higher learning centres.
  • Management and cataloguing of musical heritage.
  • Media critic.
  • Publishing houses specialising in music.
  • Archives, libraries, specialised museums and documentation centres.
  • Research and teaching at university level.
  • Participating in the dissemination and programming of events in the mass media or cultural entities (auditoriums, theatres, etc.).
  • Record industry, recording studios, radio stations, professional websites, etc.


Mobility programmes

Professional training


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