Admission Bachelor's Degree in Musicology

Course access

Those wishing to take this course have different access routes depending on their previous studies.

Type of access Preference of access Entrance mark 22/23

From Upper Secondary School + University entrance exam (PAU) and from CFGS (Advanced professional training)

Weighted subjects pertaining to the PAU specific phase:

  • Musical Analysis (0.2)
  • Art Foundations (0.2)
  • Greek (0.2)
  • History of Philosophy (0.2)
  • History of Art (0.2)
  • Latin (0.2)
University access for people over 25 Arts and the Humanities Option 5.563
Others Employment record for people over 40


Entrance exams for people over 45 7.000
Degree holders 5.000
Change of studies and validations  

Pre-enrolment code


Student Profile

If you are interested in taking the degree in Musicology it is recommended that your level of music knowledge be equivalent to the intermediate level of a music conservatoire or school of music. Although this is not a specific enrolment requirement, a good level is essential to pass successfully the core technical modules included in this degree.
Therefore the ideal profile for this degree is a student with:

  • Interest in music and history.
  • Critical reasoning.
  • Capacity for organisation and planning.
  • Communication skills.
  • Analysis and synthesis skills.

Additional training

The faculty organises preparatory courses for new students:
  • Musical Language: tools for musicology

Access related information

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