Bachelor's Degree in Journalism

Do you want to know the latest and be the one to explain it, with the ability to draft and write up news in an integrated manner, committed to being responsible in carrying out your journalistic profession in this post-truth era? You can do all of this at a faculty which has been training journalists for over fifty years

General information

  • Faculty of Communication Studies
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 160
  • Admission mark: 9,718
  • Price per credit: 18.46 euros
  • Language: Catalan (60%) and Spanish (40%)
  • null
  • Learning mode: Classroom-based learning

Are you attracted to all types of current events? Are you observative and like to know the reasons behind everything? Have you got talent as a writer and speaker? Would you like to see yourself in front of the cameras and using microphones?

Then you are already part of the UAB. We offer:

  • A study plan in which you will receive integrated training in the basic skills of the profession and the latest tendencies in online media and multiplatform communication.
  • Four radio studios, four television studios, two audio broadcast studios, ten video edit suites, two audio edit suites, two photo studios, computer halls and material loan centre, which will help you every step of the way, from imagining your proposal to making it a reality.
  • Writing up news for press, radio, television and the internet.
  • UAB Campus Mèdia, the UAB's media channels made up of UABtv and UABràdio. You will be able to participate in the more than 20 already existing programmes and propose new ones to help create your own television or radio programme.
  • Work placements in the country's most important media channels and businesses.
  • A place where emphasis is put on being ethical as a professional and where many of the most important journalists in Spain learned the trade.

Career options

- Journalists in press offices, media outlets (press, radio and television) news agencies or internet portals
- Journalism professional: editor, presenter, commentator, anchor, director, publisher, communications manager.
- Management of communication and newspaper companies.
- Contents manager.
- Head of institutional communications.
- Scriptwriting.
- Photojournalism.
- Community manager.
- Communications consultant.
- Freelance professional.
- Teaching and research (secondary school and university).
- Tasks related to publishing, video productions and public relations companies.


Professional training


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