Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Administration

Master the different business management areas in an international setting and with quality work placements that will help you acquire the skills needed for the efficient organisation, management and administration of any business

Why the degree in Business Administration and Management?

If you are interested in the business world and in the creation, management and organisation of businesses, this degree offers all the information and training you need. It will allow you to master the ins and outs of each of the areas into which businesses are organised, with some subjects in English and the chance to share your training experience with students from other countries.

The degree is designed to equip you with the necessary managerial functions: setting up the accounting, marketing policies, organising the finances, deciding on the viability of new investments, designing a business strategy and taking over other organisational tasks.

You can obtain the PUE (University-Business Programme) or Economics minor if you take 30 optional credits offered in each of the minors. The PUE minor will allow you to participate in a paid work placement, and the Economics minor will give you a solid training in general economics.

This degree is offered in many prestigious universities in Spain and abroad, and consists of a professional approach which ensures its graduates a bright professional future.

The degree is offered at the Bellaterra campus' Faculty of Business and Economics, which also offers other degrees such as Economics, Accounting and Finances, and Business and Technology, as well as numerous related master's degrees.

Career options

The bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration trains students with the skills needed to work in any type of commercial activity:

  • Creation of small companies (entrepreneur).
  • Development of management activities at different hierarchical levels of the company (financial management, commercial management, management control, human resource management, etc.).
You will also acquire the skills needed for:
  • Evaluation and auditing of businesses, banking and other financial companies (management of funds, stock markets, assessment of qualifications, etc.).
  • As well as the preparation needed to access public administration posts related to business management (state economist, public finance, hospital management, city councils, etc.).


Mobility programmes

Professional training