• Faculty of Science
  • Bellaterra Campus
  • Duration: 4 courses - 240 credits
  • Places: 50
  • Admission mark: 5,000
  • Price per credit: 35.77 Euros
  • Language: Catalan (85%), Spanish (10%) and English (5%)
  • Learning mode: On-site.
 Bachelor's Degree in Geology

Career options

A degree in Geology qualifies its holder to work in construction, mining, petroleum and environmental firms. The main areas of employment for graduates are:

  • Geological mapping of territories
  • Assessment of geological risks
  • Quality control of natural construction materials
  • Geological studies for civil projects (geotechnics) and sounding control
  • Research and prospecting of natural resources (industrial minerals and rocks, fossil fuels, water)
  • Management and Assessment of Environmental Impacts

Mobility programmes

Professional training